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My mission is to keep the technology world updated with the latest trends, tools, and technologies and explain and simplify some fundamentals that could be more understandable, easy, and well-known.

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I publish a weekly newsletter to 15.000+ people, with a distribution of 160.000+ on LinkedIn and 18.000+ on Twitter (a total of 190.000+ people could receive your message), mainly software developers, engineering managers, CTOs, CEOs, and others in the software industry (including Meta, Google, Microsoft, and others). My content is carefully curated, and it keeps my readers engaged.

For all Ads, you should be sure that they are always backed by my personal recommendation, as I try all the products I promote and never accept sponsorships from those that don’t meet my expectations of quality. So, I tend to promote only great products with high-quality bars.

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All subscribers to my newsletter are from the software industry, mostly software engineers and architects (Senior, Staff, and Principal level >60%). Many engineering managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs, and other decision-makers are in leadership positions (>20%). It is read across 45 US states and 162 countries by people working in small to FAANG companies.

By sponsoring Tech World With Milan, your company is shared with a high-caliber audience of engineering leaders and decision-makers.

Regionally, most of my subscribers are from the US or Europe (>60%). Asia is 17%, and South America 13%.

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  • Reach: >15.000 and growing by ~2.000 per month.

  • Unique Open rate for the last few issues: ~38%.

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What people are saying about it

Every little post/content is a great source of technical and sometimes soft-skill information for me from someone very experienced.

Pretty good and direct-to-the-point content. I really like your content. Thanks for your explanation and the relevant content that you share!

All good! Thanks for advancing my career.

I am so happy learning with you. I am getting more mature technically now. I am always excited to see your views on different topics.

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Weekly spots are used to promote those products/events/initiatives we can recommend that would provide great value to the Tech World With Milan audience.

Next Availability: January 2024.

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Next Availability: September 2023.

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Ethics Statement

  1. I select to work only with products I like and support. If the product/initiative is not in line with my opinion or experience, it will not be eligible for sponsorship.

  2. I reserve the right to edit Ads to fit my writing. All ads are subject to editorial approval.

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