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My mission is to keep the technology world updated with the latest trends, tools, and technologies, as well as to explain and simplify some fundamentals which are not understandable, easy, or well-known. I publish newsletters mostly weekly to 6.000+ people with 130k+ on LinkedIn and 1.6K+ on Twitter, to software developers, engineering managers, CTOs, CEOs, and other people in the software industry. My content is carefully curated and it keeps my readers engaged.

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All subscribers to my newsletter are from the software industry, mostly software engineers and architects. There is a significant portion of engineering managers, VPs of Engineering, CTOs, and other decision-makers in leadership positions. It is read across 42 US states and 137 countries and by people working from small to FAANG companies.

Regionally, most of my subscribers are from the US or Europe (>60%). 


  • Subscribers: 6.000+

  • Unique Open rate for the last 6 issues: ~41%

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The format of the newsletter is text only. Text works best and generates the highest engagement. Your ad will be the only one in that issue.

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