Learning Tracks

If you want to learn in a more structured way, you can find links to different learning tracks in different categories that interest you.

Learning tracks are articles that meet your needs and aim at a specific objective. As fresh articles are written, more tracks will be added.

Software Engineering

  • Software Architecture (5 topics) - Everything about properly architecting your software.

  • Clean Code & Technical Debt (1 topic) - How to write great software.

  • System Design (3 topics) - How to design complex systems.

  • Git (2 topics) - Everything about Git and tools.

  • Trends (1 topic)- All you need to be informed about current trends in the industry.

  • DevOps (2 topics) - How to bring people and process together to bring value to the users.

  • Collaboration (2 topics) - How to collaborate effectively with others and provide value.

  • Databases (1 topic)- Learn more about databases.

  • API Design (5 topics) - How to design and build APIs.

  • Cloud Computing (2 topics) - Everything about cloud computing (AWS, Azure, GCP, OCI).

  • Estimations (1 topic) - How (not) do software development estimations.

  • Books (2 topics) - My book recommendations.

Engineering Management

Personal Growth

  • Learning (3 topics) - What and how to learn to upskill yourself.

  • Productivity (1 topic) - How to be highly productive.

  • Career in Tech (4 topics) - Growing your career.

  • Wellbeing (1 topic) - How to deal with personal constraints and improve yourself.

Do you want to see some other learning tracks here? Feel free to contact me.