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This tech newsletter is highly relevant for software engineers, architects, engineering managers, and anyone interested in tech. They were written by Dr. Milan Milanovic, a CTO with 20 years of experience in the field and a strong academic background (Ph.D. in Computer Sciences, with 20+ papers and book chapters in international conferences and journals).

What you can expect to find here:

  • Topic and trends in the software industry.

  • Everything about Software architecture and programming.

  • How to have a great career in tech.

  • How to build and motivate teams as a leader.

  • Book reviews and recommendations.

  • Personal development topics.

  • How to do System Design.

  • I am working with and coaching /mentoring people to grow.

  • Deep dive into Software Architecture, Cloud, DevOps, .NET, SQL.

  • And more…

Everything is digested and simplified, with only highly relevant topics.

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  • My book on setting and achieving goals. It includes all essential scientific and empiric methods you should use, with significant productivity methods.

How to set and achieve any goal
  • A book on Design Patterns in the world with examples in C#, on over 50 pages.

Design Patterns In Use

I also offer you some other free materials, all in living repos:

  • .NET Developer Roadmap 2024. - The comprehensive .NET Developer Roadmap by seniority level.

  • DevOps Roadmap 2024. with learning resources (repo with more than 6K stars).

  • Cloud Product Mapping - All major AWS, Azure, and GCP services are mapped with links pointing to product home pages.

  • Azure Cheat Sheet - Every product, feature, and service in the Azure family

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Publishing schedule

The Tech World With Milan publishes every Tuesday and occasionally on Saturday (bonus pieces directly to mail subscribers/not available publicly).

Exceptions to this are holidays: spring break, summer break, and winter break.

In 2024, these are:

- 29 April - 5 May: spring break

- 24 - 30 June: summer break 1

- 5 - 11 August: summer break 2

- 24 December - 3 January: winter break.

The publication returns on 4 January 2025.

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I'm a CTO writing for a 300k+ community, with more than 20 years of experience in the industry and a strong scientific background (Ph.D. in Computer Sciences). I write about my experiences and explore my curiosity.