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Another One: The Pragmatic Programmer by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas

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Awesome list!

In addition, I'd the suggest the following books to every engineer looking for growth and productivity.

1. "Why Programs Fail - A Guide to Systematic Debugging" by Andreas Zeller. A must read to improve debugging skills.

2. "Never Split the Difference" by Chris Voss. A must read to improve negotiation skills.

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Great list! CLRS is fundamental. For folks looking for a good book on soft skills, "How to Win Friends and Influence People" is a great place to start

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Great list!

I’ve found “Cloud Native Patterns” by Michelle Gienow interesting either.

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Great thank you Dr. Milan!

I need to start the journey to be a solution architect and need help from where i can start.

Could you plaese guide and assist me!

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I don’t know why it’s not on everyone’s reading list, but The Professional Scrum Team by Peter Götz is simply a brilliant read. I think it’s the title, should be called How to overcome real day-to-day challenges with Agile Teams.

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